Amulet – Intuition Mini Sigil Pendant, Magical Jewelry


The Intuition Mini Sigil Pendant is an amulet that is magical jewelry. It's a little sister to the Spirit of Intuition Sigil Pendant. It's charged with an intention to lead you to your intuition. Sigils are defined as: symbols that have magic power. They are usually designed as glyphs or letterforms like this meaningful jewelry. This sigil is designed to help you to increase your ability to listen and have faith in your own inner knowing making it new age jewelry. 

How can you tell if your inner voice is your intuition?

  • The information you receive brings you closer to cheese that is in the maze of your life.
  • The guidance comes, seemingly, from nowhere.
  • A regular meditation practice of quieting your mind is helpful to be able to stimulate your intuition.
  • It appears in your mind or as a feeling in your body and is usually followed by our ego, which questions, doubts and creates complexity.
  • Intuition or inner knowing, is the voice of source energy.

This powerful symbolic jewelry was created to help you live in balance with your intuition. It's Rainbobo's sincere hope that by enhancing your connection to intuition, your self esteem will strengthen, your faith will grow and you will suffer less. Thus raising the quality of your consciousness – living and loving more freely. 

The Intuition Mini Sigil Pendant is enamel jewelry. It's made of brass, using a die strike technique and then covered in 14K gold plate and finished with gold filled findings and clasps.

PENDANT SIZE: 1/2" wide x 1/2" high

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