Talisman – The Pixie of Love Sigil Pendant, Magic Jewelry


This talisman, the Pixie of Love Sigil Pendant is magic jewelry. A sigil is typically a glyph or letterform, charged by its creator to have magical powers. The Pixie of Love magical jewelry is an illustrated form of a sigil. This lucky charm has a deep intent and prayer, to re-affirm and support your journey toward self love.

Created to boost your self esteem and self confidence, this spell jewelry is a powerful symbol. It urges you toward becoming the full expression of who you were meant to be in this world.

YOU being YOU is urgently needed for the evolution of humans as a species.

Now, all of this being said, Rainbobo fully understands the fear and impediments that prevent us from becoming. We've been there, felt the fear and it's physical constraints. We too are in our own process of becoming and discovering the full expression of who we are. We are a work in progress.

The pixie, designed as ladybug jewelry as well as a heart pendant, has an interesting origin story. She was inspired into being, on the designers wedding day. During her outdoor wedding, 7 ladybugs landed on her wedding dress. If you look closely at this red necklace, there are 7 orbs in the crown of this spiritual jewelry to represent those that landed on her dress that day. The ladybug is rich with symbolism. They are synonymous with abundance, good luck, love and protection. Which make ladybugs the perfect spirit animal to help usher you toward the abundant being you are becoming. 

Are you ready?

This healing jewelry, The Pixie of Love, aims to challenge you. She seeks to change you and aims to utterly transform who you think you are and how you relate to the world. She draws you nearer to becoming a being of radiant self love and self acceptance. Tom Campbell put it most succinctly: lose your fear, lose your ego, grow up, become love.

This symbolic pendant, to strengthen your self image, would be a perfect gift for sister, yourself, your soul sister, or a great gift for girlfriend. This charm is 14K gold plate over brass and is finished with gold filled chains, clasps and findings. This spirit jewelry was made using a die strike technique and was created using the artists renderings and drawings to complete.


PENDANT SIZE: 1 1/8" wide x 1 3/8" high


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