Talisman – Spirit of Intuition Sigil Pendant, Magic Jewelry


As a white artist, I acknowledge that my ancestors created the architecture of white supremacy. In an effort to ameliorate this profound harm 100% of net profits of this pendant go to Color of ChangeThe Equal Justice InitiativeVocal NYCSURJ, Showing Up for Racial Justice


This powerful talisman and magical jewelry is designed and charged with the intention to guide you toward your intuition or inner knowing. Sigils have been around for quite some time and are by definition: symbols charged with magical power. The Spirit of Intuition Sigil Pendant is an illustrated form of prayer – that you increase your ability to access and trust your intuition.

Plato described intuition as pre-existing knowledge residing in the "soul of eternity." Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology, defined intuition as "perception via the unconscious." Both are apt descriptions of an entirely invisible process. This boho jewelry aims to help you listen to the constant and never wavering voice of intuition in your life. 

How to distinguish your intuition?

  • Its messages and insights protect you and bring you closer to your goals, dreams and aspiration.
  • It has no prompt and is seemingly from nowhere.
  • It feeds on silence and thrives on quiet.
  • It appears in your mind or resonates elsewhere in your body – simply – and is generally followed by our ego, which questions, doubts and creates complexity.
  • Intuition is your voice of source.

This magic object and gypsy jewelry was created in the hope that by living in harmony with your intuition, your self image will improve, it will help in building confidence and you will be more at ease in your skin. Thus elevating your consciousness – living and loving more freely. 

The Spirit of Intuition is enamel jewelry, created in the cloisonne style. She's made out of brass, using a die strike technique and then 14K gold plated. She is finished with gold filled findings and clasps.

PENDANT SIZE: 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/4" high


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