My Story


Hi there, I'm Emily, the illustrator and founder of Rainbobo. While I was working late one night in my studio, the word Rainbobo came to me and struck me like lightening. I knew instantly that it was the name of my future. What I love about the name is that it instantly conveys a rainbows symbolism of diversity, inclusion, love, peace and equality.

In Rainbobo, my illustrations are influenced by my experiences: family, nature, the cosmos, magic, yoga, religion, philosophy, transcendental and mystical traditions. I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that LOVE is a physical force and we should wield it mightily and often. In Rainbobo it’s my hope that you feel uplifted, embraced and most importantly, unconditionally LOVED.

The photo montage above is my family. My husband Augie and our cis and transgender kids. They keep me feeling very loved, grounded and extraordinarily grateful. The last photo is of Jake, perched quite happily on the top of a door. Jake is my studio companion and official work disruptor, as you'll see on my IG feed.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting Rainbobo.