Rainbow Jewelry, Rainbobo's Jewelry for a Cause

This rainbow jewelry, Rainbobo's colorful enamel pendant, uses a rainbow as the basis for their logo. This pendant is meant to encapsulate and celebrate all of the symbolism associated with rainbows: love, peace, equality, beauty and our collective quest for enlightenment. 

With those values in mind, Rainbobo donates 100% net profits from the sale of this pendant to charities and non-profits that work tirelessly to improve our planet, create social justice and promote love in this world.

Our 2015 inaugural partner was the Human Right's Campaign's: Love Wins! movement. It was enormously gratifying to be able to contribute to the legal effort which secured the right to marry for our 
LGBTQ brothers and sisters. The Love Wins Campaign spoke directly to Rainbobo's core values, that love is love, no matter what. We are still elated with the victory of Marriage Equality in the Supreme Court.

The Financial Clinic was chosen to be Rainbobo's recipient of 100% net profits form our logo pendant. The Financial Clinic builds working poor families’ and individuals’ financial security by addressing their immediate financial challenges and helps them to set long-term goals to achieve financial mobility. Check out thefinancialclinic.org to learn more.

This charity jewelry is a unique colorful necklace. It was created in the cloisonne and was made using a die strike process. The pendant is gold plated and the chain and findings are gold filled.

This pendant makes a great gift for mom and anyone whose believes in equality, love, pride, and peace for our planet and it's inhabitants.