Amulet – Clarity Mini Sigil Pendant, Magical Jewelry


This amulet, the Clarity Mini Sigil Pendant is boho chic. A sigil is a powerful symbol, a letterform or glyph - charged by it's designer to have a specific meaning with magical powers. This mystic jewelry is intended to relieve us from our normal, human, anxious state of being. She is lucky jewelry, with a mission to help us reach our full potential.

Is this for you?
Have you ever engaged in negative self-talk?
Suffered from anxiety, depression, despair?
Have you ever felt aggressive or lashed out in anger? 
Experienced emotional chaos, suffered from mental hyperactivity?
Felt disconnected from source?
Have you ever believed your thoughts or been human?

As a corrective measure to all of the above, this metaphysical jewelry is a reminder to be quiet, to listen to the universe closely, to take excellent care of ourselves, to feel and let go of our hurt emotions and to lean in the direction of healthier feelings, thoughts, words and actions. It's aim, as healing jewelry, is to lighten us, lead us to forgive others and ourselves and to calm the depths of our mind.

This amulet is a beautiful inspired necklace made in purple and lavender enamel. It's modern occult jewelry that aims to lift you and lighten your load. This magical jewelry seeks to light your way.

This lucky charm is the perfect gift for sister who needs a talisman necklace to remind her of her essential divinity. This inspired jewelry, made in purple enamel and shades of lavender was made using a die strike technique. It's 14K gold plated and finished with gold filled chain and findings.

PENDANT SIZE: 1/2" wide x 1/2" high

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