Star Necklace – Small Star Hubble Pendant


This star necklace, the Small Star Hubble Pendant, is a gold star necklace. It does not reflect a single star, yet, this modern and inspirational jewelry, reflects a cluster of stars. This largely pink jewelry was created to pay homage to our reverence for our cosmos. It is inspired by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope images, making this science jewelryThis enamel charm was designed as a direct result of the inspiration felt by appreciating those starry images. This gold necklace, basks in the awesome spaciousness that is our universe and makes you wonder, what pinged the bing bang?

The gold charm reflects the depth and enormity of those Hubble images of our cosmos. This colorful star jewelry captures the spirit of wonder you feel when you take those space images in. It is a beautiful enamel pendant in a wonder of pink, blue, lavender, coral and yellow enamel shades.

The modern jewelry design of this necklace makes it an easy gift giving idea for your intergalactic loving friends and a nice splurge for yourself. It is a colorful necklace that can easily be dressed up or down.

The gold charm is based on hand drawn illustrations and created using a die strike process. The base metal is brass and it's finished with a 14K gold plate and 14K gold filled chain, clasps and findings. 

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PENDANT SIZE: 5/8" wide x 7/8" high

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